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  Artist: Leyla Murr, Artwork Title: Rhapsody, Theme: Abstract  Artist: Roz Zinns, Artwork Title: Autumn Leaves, Theme: Nature  Artist: Hisayo Ohta, Artwork Title: On the Alsace wine route, Theme: Travel  Artist: Jack Earley, Artwork Title: Joseph Brant  Mohawk, Theme: Indiginous  Artist: Pol Ledent, Artwork Title: abstract 7741303, Theme: Abstract  Artist: Jim Lively, Artwork Title: Upper Wine Country, Theme: Abstract Landscape  Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, Artwork Title: Jade Pot of Soul Mates , Theme: Spiritual  Artist: Obert Fittje, Artwork Title: Threshold of Eternity, Theme: Mystical  Artist: Harry Weisburd, Artwork Title: 2 Bar Flies and Man , Theme: Figurative  Artist: Christy Park, Artwork Title: History Part 2, Theme: Philosophy  Artist: Hans Andre, Artwork Title: The Search, Theme: Conceptual  Artist: Luise Andersen, Artwork Title: venture From ACRYLIC to OIL III Detail III, Theme: Abstract 

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Janusz Obst
Unknown Medium, 2005


L. Kelen
"Fish Spoon ..."
Metalsmith, 2013


Robert Pulley
"Turn Around..."
Ceramic Sculpture, 2012

US$ 788   Purchase

Susanna Garavaglia
Acrylic Painting, 2010

US$ 756   Purchase

Maria Klimek
Mixed Media, 2014

US$ 2100   Purchase

Karin Kuhlmann
"Celebration For ..."
Unknown Medium, 2012

US$ 892   Purchase

Denise Dalzell
Acrylic Painting, 2012

US$ 1575   Purchase

Shawn Mc Nulty
Acrylic Painting, 2013

US$ 5775   Purchase

Roberto Testori
"Sign Studio..."
Other Drawing, 1996

US$ 1260   Purchase

Charo Noriega
Oil Painting, 2011

US$ 3675   Purchase

German Guerra
Color Photograph, 2005

US$ 315   Purchase

Steven Lamb
"MUSIC ON ..."
Mixed Media, 2014



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Ron Ogle - 135 works
Varvara Stylidou - 76 works
Julia Cake - 60 works
Alkistis Wechsler - 270 works
Fayez Barakat - 424 works
MALKE - 106 works
Christie Chew-Wallace - 108 works
Royane Caldwell - 90 works
Laszlo Hamori - 64 works
Andrew Mcnamee - 60 works


Debbi Chan:
"another Autumn look"
Autumn 2014 will soon be a part of history. the art done in 2014 is history as well. here is another look at history thru my painted albums....

C. A. Hoffman:
"Cold_ Cold and Bold"
This is a sample of some of my black and white photos. As you can see, I like Winter! It is a great time to get creative with your picture taking and fun to see what you can dream up next!...

Engelina Zandstra:
"Metamorphoses 27"
forms and colors...

Alex Hook Krioutchkov:
selected paintings...

Jon Glaser:
"Colorado Fall"
This photographs were taken in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado during the Fall season....

Alkistis Wechsler:
"demons vampires and dark angels "
series Halloween 2014...



Rizwana A Mundewadi:
"Why does your body not heal, how healing art helps"
Healing energy works in all dimensions and not just your physical body. Aura and other etheric levels, simply put the disease is already there in the outer layer and then gradually appears on your physical level after many days or months. A healer can see your aura and recognize the .... Read more and comment

Luise Andersen:
"Copies of my Art Works"
October 23, 2014-- Greetings.. Wish all to be well for You -- This is info, just in case You did not notice .. I mentioned throughout my portfolio..which is a large one, I know..that I will not be able to offer copies printed, since printer is down since several years...... Read more and comment

Canal Jagerroos:
"'Infinity / Sing to the Birds' Solo Exhibition "
Infinity / Sing to the Birds, Solo Exhibition of Canal Cheong Jagerroos at Galleria Art Clipper, Helsinki, Finland. Exhibition Duration: 23.10. to 21.11.2014 Seeking to conceive the inconceivable, to bridge the chasm between the finite and infinity Canal Cheong-Jagerroos / Helsinki 2014 Galleria Art Clipper is pleased to .... Read more and comment

Harry Weisburd:
"How Artists can support local Art Centers "
Many art centers often need financial support. One way artists can help support their local art center is to donate art to be auctioned off by the art center , proceeds from sale go to support art center. I have recently donated a painting to the Berkeley Art Center, ,Berkeley , California .... Read more and comment

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