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  Artist: Leyla Murr, Artwork Title: Rhapsody, Theme: Abstract  Artist: Roz Zinns, Artwork Title: Autumn Leaves, Theme: Nature  Artist: Hisayo Ohta, Artwork Title: On the Alsace wine route, Theme: Travel  Artist: Jack Earley, Artwork Title: Joseph Brant  Mohawk, Theme: Indiginous  Artist: Pol Ledent, Artwork Title: abstract 7741303, Theme: Abstract  Artist: Jim Lively, Artwork Title: Upper Wine Country, Theme: Abstract Landscape  Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, Artwork Title: Jade Pot of Soul Mates , Theme: Spiritual  Artist: Obert Fittje, Artwork Title: Threshold of Eternity, Theme: Mystical  Artist: Harry Weisburd, Artwork Title: 2 Bar Flies and Man , Theme: Figurative  Artist: Christy Park, Artwork Title: History Part 2, Theme: Philosophy  Artist: Hans Andre, Artwork Title: The Search, Theme: Conceptual  Artist: Luise Andersen, Artwork Title: venture From ACRYLIC to OIL III Detail III, Theme: Abstract 

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Pamela Van Laanen
Acrylic Painting, 2014

US$ 394   Purchase

Terry Mollo
"Shades of ..."
Stone Sculpture, 2012


Jorge Arcos
Acrylic Painting, 2014

US$ 1680   Purchase

Ron Berry
"Pier From ..."
Pencil Drawing, 2014

US$ 368   Purchase

Christopher Gulick
"Untitled 1107 ..."
Bronze Sculpture, 2011

US$ 6090   Purchase

Dave Martsolf
"Wood Construction ..."
Wood Sculpture, 2013

US$ 472   Purchase

Andree Lisette Herz
Ink Painting, 2013

US$ 315   Purchase

Clay Bodvin
"the chairs, ..."
Mixed Media Photograph, 2013

US$ 152   Purchase

Noel Stavropoulos
"Perpetual Prism..."
Oil Painting, 2007

US$ 8400   Purchase

Javier Botella Cañamares
"Amigas 5..."
Acrylic Painting, 2011

US$ 735   Purchase

Bonie Bolen
"Sunrise Sonset ..."
Oil Painting, 2014

US$ 289   Purchase

Constantine Cionca
"Day and ..."
Unknown Medium, 2013



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Harrie Sijbers:
"Last summer"
Oil paintings by Harrie Sijbers. quote:His expressionist paintings show the inner force of colour and of shapes that express feelings, impulses and emotions. Each of his works is resolute in its style and conveys a pictorial liveliness resulting in a unique and innovative perspective – such a rich perspective that it elevates these works to the level of pure aesthetic lyricism. (New York...

John Powell:
John Powell's art for exhibition in NEW YORK on Time Square billboards 24th July/2014.Watch billbroads on 46th street and broadway,if you are in Time Square NY,to see John's art works title:Futurist,Enchantress 4 & Art in Romance...

Lora Vannoord:
Weather is great for sailing now. I see all the sail boats in lake Champlain. They are lovely!! This one at lake Champlain was ready and waiting for the sail!...

Engelina Zandstra:
"Metamorphoses 24"
forms and colors...

Becky Soria:
"Totems beyond Patriarchy"
Approaching female, male and animals figures - less from the familiar outlines and well known shapes, and much more from within them- " I construct from their interiority outwards, I strive to make visible. their visceral emotional life... their pains, pleasures adn longings"...

Debbi Chan:
"cutting hay already"
summer began and is on it's way out before i could grasp the reality. but summer was good for me and my art. take a peek...have fun. ...



Rizwana A Mundewadi:
"Creativity at its best! Healing Paintings with Rain Water"
Creativity is one word which we all artists have to be for our life. the process of change, growth and learning is one thing which continues for our whole life. What was once a great thought progress over the years to many new discoveries, one such I totally enjoyed the .... Read more and comment

Marc Gagnon:
"Elina Sol Travels to India"
Elina Sol Travels to India Elina Sol is planning a trip to India with Photographic Artist Marc Gagnon who is also her personal manager. Also on the trip will be designer Amrita Singh, former model and Yogi Christina, and models Marissa Ashton who will be starring in the Red Rain .... Read more and comment

Debbi Chan:
"artists today lacking confidence"
I created this blog for Linkedin but it seems so relevant that I wanted to put it here as well. I am tired of using my own painting time to explain to artists that asking people to view their portfolios and critique or comment or HELP with them means you .... Read more and comment

Hooshang Khorasani:
"Hooshang's floral picked for Crocker Art Museum"
A floral painting by Hooshang Khorasani, of Ruston, Louisiana, is part of an exhibit and auction at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California. The exhibit is running from May 22 through June 7, when the 36th annual Art Auction will begin at 5:30 p.m. Hooshang's piece .... Read more and comment

Hans Andre:
"Culture paradox"
Gradually, but in ever-increasing pace, they disappear privately owned galleries. With increasing costs for rents and staff will be eventually impossible to make ends meet financially. Even less to show art that is currently not commercially viable. Even in cases where the artists themselves contribute financially at art arrangements .... Read more and comment

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