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Engelina Zandstra, Composition 4410, Abstract Figurative, $ 1,470
'Composition 4410', 2016
Engelina Zandstra
(All Painting Artworks)
Marino Chanlatte, Ocean 28, Abstract Landscape, $ 315
'Ocean 28', 2015
Marino Chanlatte
(All Painting Artworks)
Caren Keyser, Wildacres Woman, Abstract, $ 472
'Wildacres Woman', 2015
Caren Keyser
(All Painting Artworks)

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Artist: Shawn Seward, Artwork Title: Tree, 2016-02-07. Watercolor, Landscape, $151
'Tree', 2016
Shawn Seward
(All Watercolor Artworks)
Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, Artwork Title: Stark Divinity, 2016-02-07. Painting Acrylic, Healing, $158
'Stark Divinity', 2016
Painting Acrylic
Rizwana A Mundewadi
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Nicholas Down, Artwork Title: Primavera, 2016-02-07. Painting Oil, Abstract Landscape, Request Price
'Primavera', 2016
Painting Oil
Nicholas Down
Request Price
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Jon Glaser, Artwork Title: The Hills Speak Ii, 2016-02-07. Photography Black and White, Nature, $1,470
'The Hills Speak Ii', 2016
Photography Black and White
Jon Glaser
(All Photography Artworks)
Artist: Philip Taylor, Artwork Title: The Cowboys Dream, 2016-02-07. Painting Acrylic, Abstract, $399
'The Cowboys Dream', 2016
Painting Acrylic
Philip Taylor
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Paul Berriff, Artwork Title: Bad Boy Next Door, 2016-02-07. Photography Black and White, Music, $1,260
'Bad Boy Next Door', 1964
Photography Black and White
Paul Berriff
(All Photography Artworks)
Artist: Jean-Luc Lacroix, Artwork Title: Souche Bleue  Blue Stump, 2016-02-06. Painting Acrylic, Abstract Figurative, $1,365
'Souche Bleue Blue Stump', 2013
Painting Acrylic
Jean-Luc Lacroix
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Bonie Bolen, Artwork Title: Sister Rosetta Tharpe, 2016-02-06. Painting Acrylic, Music, Request Price
'Sister Rosetta Tharpe', 2016
Painting Acrylic
Bonie Bolen
Request Price
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Jerry  Di Falco, Artwork Title: Lilac Persia, 2016-02-06. Printmaking Etching, Mystical, $472
'Lilac Persia', 2016
Printmaking Etching
Jerry Di Falco
(All Printmaking Etching Artworks)
Artist: Chris Gould, Artwork Title: Dc Only One, 2016-02-06. Painting Oil, Abstract, $682
'Dc Only One', 2016
Painting Oil
Chris Gould
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Joseph Porus, Artwork Title: Always The Bridesmaid, 2016-02-06. Painting Oil, Portrait, $525
'Always The Bridesmaid', 2016
Painting Oil
Joseph Porus
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Luiz Henrique Azevedo, Artwork Title: The Chinese Vasse In My P, 2016-02-06. Painting Oil, Still Life, $2,520
'The Chinese Vasse In My P', 2015
Painting Oil
Luiz Henrique Azevedo
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Emilio Merlina, Artwork Title: Searching For The Friends, 2016-02-06. Painting Oil, Fantasy, Request Price
'Searching For The Friends', 2016
Painting Oil
Emilio Merlina
Request Price
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Allan P Friedlander, Artwork Title: Watermelon Patch, 2016-02-06. Painting Acrylic, Abstract, $378
'Watermelon Patch', 2016
Painting Acrylic
Allan P Friedlander
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Stanislav Bojankov, Artwork Title: Improvisation 9, 2016-02-06. Painting Acrylic, Abstract Landscape, $368
'Improvisation 9', 2015
Painting Acrylic
Stanislav Bojankov
(All Painting Artworks)
Artist: Anna Thurber, Artwork Title: A Melting Moment, 2016-02-05. Photography Color, Abstract Landscape, $562
'A Melting Moment', 2016
Photography Color
Anna Thurber
(All Photography Artworks)
Artist: Hunter Brown, Artwork Title: Verve Iii, 2016-02-05. Sculpture Steel, Abstract, $6,300
'Verve Iii', 2016
Sculpture Steel
Hunter Brown
(All Sculpture Artworks)
Artist: Valda Fitzpatrick, Artwork Title: White Chrysanthemums In B, 2016-02-05. Painting Oil, Floral, $499
'White Chrysanthemums In B', 2016
Painting Oil
Valda Fitzpatrick
(All Painting Artworks)


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Debbi Chan:
"horses and Italy and and such"
lots of fun this week painting horses and horseracing in Italy or perhaps painting Italy and Italian horses is more like it. but there were a few different subjects. you can see for yourself. ...

Engelina Zandstra:
"Metamorphoses 42"
forms and colors...

Lora Vannoord:
"Artist_s Faire Gallery exhibit"
Feb 14,2016 - Feb 26,2016 are the dates for the Peoples' Choice Exhibit at the Artist's Faire Gallery at 111 E Tarpon Ave in Tarpon Springs Florida. I will exhibit "Birds at the Park"....

Debbi Chan:
" getting depressed"
if you have winter depression like many people i know and the lack of sun is getting to you then you are probably inside bored stiff. if so,, turn to the arts. bring the kids along. it can be fun for the whole family. spring will be here before you know it....

Cathy Dobson:
"In The Stars"
Illuminated Oil Paintings Pieces from The Cosmic Collection...



  Engelina Zandstra - Painting Acrylic
'In the labyrinth of my thoughts there are many roads leading to the unknown' LANDSCAPES OF THE MIND Engelina Zandstra is a Dutch artist living...
Artist: Engelina Zandstra, 'Composition 4410' Artist: Engelina Zandstra, 'Composition 4401' Artist: Engelina Zandstra, 'Composition 4411'

  Marino Chanlatte -
I started painting a long time before I realized it was my passion, and that I would be a painter. I felt the inner need ...
Artist: Marino Chanlatte, 'Ocean 28' Artist: Marino Chanlatte, 'Ocean 29' Artist: Marino Chanlatte, 'Seeking the Light 3'

  Shawn Seward -
Artist: Shawn Seward, 'Tree' Artist: Shawn Seward, 'Warm Trees' Artist: Shawn Seward, 'Purpose is Complete'

  Caren Keyser - Painting Acrylic
My current work is done in what has been called an intuitive style. I begin with the paint and then allow the paint and my ...
Artist: Caren Keyser, 'Wildacres Woman' Artist: Caren Keyser, 'Bear Dog' Artist: Caren Keyser, 'My Child'

  Rizwana A Mundewadi - Painting Acrylic
Welcome Nice People! My Art Lovers and Art Buyers! Welcome to My Happy Place! Hand painted Original Art, each painting is unique and healing, it ...
Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, 'Stark Divinity' Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, 'My Pink Chair' Artist: Rizwana A Mundewadi, 'Feng Shui Boat of Prosperity'

  Nicholas Down - Painting Oil
During the past few years I have had the privilege of visiting some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth including Californias Sequoia National ...
Artist: Nicholas Down, 'Primavera' Artist: Nicholas Down, 'Nearing Solstice' Artist: Nicholas Down, 'Tone Poem Winter'

  Jon Glaser - Photography Color
There is something fulfilling about capturing a moment in timeparticularly as the sun makes its first or last appearance. My photographic work reflects an ...
Artist: Jon Glaser, 'The Hills Speak II' Artist: Jon Glaser, 'Stars over Canyonland' Artist: Jon Glaser, 'Light on the Arch'

  Philip Taylor -
My work is for the creative intellect. Chance, spontaneity, lyrical and rebellious are qualities in the work. Painting for me is like composing a jazz ...
Artist: Philip Taylor, 'THE COWBOYS DREAM' Artist: Philip Taylor, 'STEP ASIDE' Artist: Philip Taylor, 'TOUCH OF THE BLUES'

  Paul Berriff - Photography Black and White
International award winning fine art photographer and documentary film maker. I have been behind the lens since 1962 and continue to produce fine art photographs ...
Artist: Paul Berriff, 'Bad Boy Next Door' Artist: Paul Berriff, 'Fade Out' Artist: Paul Berriff, 'Piano Time'

  Jean-Luc Lacroix - Painting Acrylic
Jean-Luc Lacroix offers to older tools, utensils or other items the chance of a life more beautiful, a contemplative retreat. His talent in the ...
Artist: Jean-Luc Lacroix, 'Souche Bleue  Blue Stump' Artist: Jean-Luc Lacroix, 'Capsule painting' Artist: Jean-Luc Lacroix, 'Ecume painting'

 ARTIST BLOGS    artsnews archive

John Powell:
"Artists and Resale Royalty Rights - Supreme Court Declines Suit"
From the cave to the twenty 1st Century,artists have being relevant; serving humanity through art: solving problems,raised questions and answers them; conveying their ideas through different civilizations; to preserve culture/history! Artists are teachers,they help to interpret the unimaginable. January 2016, "California lawsuit brought by artists including '.... Read more and comment

Canal Jagerroos:
"Solo Exhibition 'Pure Affection II' Opening"
Warmly welcome to my solo exhibition ‘'Pure Affection II'’ in Estoril, Portugal. 欢迎光临参观我的个展 “純 觸 覺II’ 在萄国开幕! The exhibition will be open from 20.1 to 15.2.2016 at Galeria De Arte Estoril on Avenida Dr. Stanley Ho in Estoril, Portugal. 画展开放日期:2016年1月20日- 2月15日. Vernissage / Opening: Wednesday, 20 January 2016 at .... Read more and comment

Ron Anderson:
"Ohio Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts video of local artists."
National Endowment for the Arts is celebrating its 50th anniversary. "Since the beginning of 2015, the National Endowment for the Arts has been gathering stories from the general public and grantees, elected officials and agency directors, artists and art lovers across the country about the importance of art in their .... Read more and comment

Nancy Bechtol:
"WAAND Archive. Lead to Discover Women Artists"
In researching my own history, I am honored to be in the collection/archive. listed with WAAND. The Women Artists Archives National Directory (WAAND) is a pioneering project designed to capitalize on the shared experience and expertise of Rutgers' artists and art historians and its vaunted information technology specialists. This .... Read more and comment

Rizwana A Mundewadi:
"Another Beautiful Year Unfolding! Welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey 2016!"
Beautifully as my life and my art unfolded this year 2015 is sure going to be a memorable one in my chapters of life and my art. Healing self healing so many and sharing knowledge for the benefit of others, with selfless devotion, and so many blessings it gives me .... Read more and comment

Stephen Mead:
"I am embarrassed to toot my own invisible horn, but since this is art related..."
POETRY REVIEW -------------------------------------------- "Our Spirit Life" (A Meditation on Family and Time through montages and text) by Stephen Mead ISBN-13 9781492266204 Copyright 2014 CreateSpace 124 pages Review by LB Sedlacek Based on a box of inherited photos, Mead adds on poetical captions to these pictures that belonged to his parents (.... Read more and comment


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